Quotation of the Week

Every so often I hear someone say “I want to see the Glory of God in all spheres of life.” Really? I wonder. I really do. If it moved us all out of our political/social/religious/personal/financial comfort zones- if it even challenged the opinions of our favorite pundits or preachers!- would we recognize such a thing?… Continue reading Quotation of the Week

An Easter reminder

My kids love to be read to, and part of our nightly ritual is sitting on one of their beds after they are all tucked in and reading sections of a longer chapter book. We alternate between books from the library, books we own and have read before, and the big children’s Bible they love.… Continue reading An Easter reminder

Another Mercy

When we were deciding what to name our first child, Doug and I had a funny experience where someone made a joke about a name we could use and then commented that the nickname for that name could be “Mercy”. Neither of us said anything to each other in the moment, but later we both… Continue reading Another Mercy

Creative parenting

“Why does Aaron think there are dragons that live at Ronald Bog?” “Oh, they don’t live there. They only sleep there at night.” “Why does he think this?” “Well, because I told him.” “You told him that Ronald Bog is full of dragons?” “Only at night!” “Why did you tell him this?” “Well, he didn’t… Continue reading Creative parenting

I wrote a poem Friday night…

The View from the Hotel Fig Fireflies caught and cozy in glass On tables lounging poolside Friday night lights drowsy beneath Stretching arms of fluorescent checkerboards tickling heaven. The corner absorbs me Throat warm A cherry in amber Tasting this funny place that loans me a seat among Angels. Not far the skate punks rule… Continue reading I wrote a poem Friday night…


Indiana Jones, Hotel Bonaventure, swimming pool, a new dress, Cicada, breakfast with celebs, late check-out, Erika actually pulling off a surprise (and Mercy keeping a secret!), and a friend who can ably manage our three children for a night making all of this possible… Happy Anniversary to us!!!

From the beachfront

There’s nothing like a week at a lake cabin for the refreshment of one’s soul. Aaron has added a number of new words to his ever-increasing vocabulary since being here: beach, rocks, “in it”, boat, Auntie, shark (aka Uncle Richard), Buddha (his cousin, Jordan), slippery, mud, and sand. He has loved the neighbor’s remote controlled… Continue reading From the beachfront

Fuller podcasts

I was just reading Brad Boydston’s blog and I learned that Fuller Seminary is now making chapel services and other campus programs available online through iTunes. I wrote a post a few days ago where I mentioned an outstanding lecture by Chap Clark on youth and family ministry, and I thought it was worth noting… Continue reading Fuller podcasts