This past weekend brought home to me how very different our life feels up here. Apparently in Shoreline, when the law says that fireworks are illegal in the city, people for the most part comply. The night was a far cry from the Kenwood war zone we encountered during our first Fourth of July in… Continue reading Holiday

Scott Intern

One of the Servant Partners interns we had the pleasure of getting to know down in L.A. was a young man named Scott (or Scott Intern as we called him). I just caught this video tonight that shares a bit about his life with our community in South L.A. The video was made by a… Continue reading Scott Intern

Why we can’t wait

The following post was written last year, the Sunday before Martin Luther King day. I thought I would re-post it here today, as I sit in a very different living room in a very different city… Last night Doug was working on planning the worship service for today while I finished cleaning up the day’s… Continue reading Why we can’t wait

Simply complex

In a recent post, David Fitch tackles head-on the issue of why the Missional and Emerging Church movements are so white. I resonated with some of his experiences and observations and thought I would share a few of my stories as well: I remember being at a justice and compassion conference hosted by my denomination… Continue reading Simply complex

“The church that came to me”

I read with interest Dan Kimball’s recent post on Christianity Today’s Out of Ur blog where he posed some questions about whether or not “missional” churches are churches that bear fruit in terms of effectively making disciples. He points to larger “attractional” churches (Willow Creek, for example) whose buildings and impressive gatherings seem to, in… Continue reading “The church that came to me”

Aaron the Good

This past weekend I was rushing through Ralph’s with Mercy and Aaron when two very sweet older Latina women stopped us to ooh and aah over the kids. “AY, que LINDA!” the first woman said. “She called you GaLINDA, Aaron!” Mercy said, with huge eyes. Aaron looked up at the woman and broke into a… Continue reading Aaron the Good