A Confirmation Blessing

For your head: may the words you have committed to memory today return to you often to guide, encourage, and sustain you. And may this day mark the beginning of a habit of lifelong study and learning. There will not always be a hefty notebook and tests, but there will always be those with something… Continue reading A Confirmation Blessing

Vacation to LA

I was preparing for an announcement I hoped to give during our worship service last week and found the following reflection written close to six years ago. I am now on the other end of this, planning and recruiting Seattle folks to join in a week of service and kinship with Church of the Redeemer.… Continue reading Vacation to LA

Still Alive

Since moving back to Seattle, I am pretty sure that I have heard a Pearl Jam song every single day. I love Pearl Jam, so this is fine with me, but it still feels kind of amazing that at some point in almost every day I will hear one of their songs. Restaurants, malls, the… Continue reading Still Alive


This past weekend brought home to me how very different our life feels up here. Apparently in Shoreline, when the law says that fireworks are illegal in the city, people for the most part comply. The night was a far cry from the Kenwood war zone we encountered during our first Fourth of July in… Continue reading Holiday

Seven Years

I snuck Doug away to the Salish Lodge for our anniversary thanks to parents and friends willing to care for the little ones. It was a total splurge and worth every penny.

Confirmation Sunday

Our congregation celebrated Confirmation Sunday a few weeks ago, and Pastor Mike asked me to say a few words to the confirmands before they received the gift of their Bibles. I stood before them and our congregation proudly holding my own burgundy, leather confirmation bible from so many years ago, and offered this: I remember… Continue reading Confirmation Sunday


This past Sunday was the first time that I led the service at our new church home. Pastor Mike took a much-earned day off, and our other Associate pastor was gone for the weekend, so I was entrusted with the Sunday morning gathering. Other than leaving out the greeting time at the beginning of the… Continue reading Sermons


I am almost always eligible for the carpool lane. With three babies four and under, I have grown accustomed to traveling in groups, and when I am on the freeway or coming up an on-ramp, I barely even think before moving myself into whatever carpool lane is available. Since beginning my job here in Shoreline,… Continue reading Default