A room with a view

“Row or Die!” These were the words Doug read from the side of a building outside my window. Not the most tactful message to have outside of a hospital room, however the view of the lake and the bridge and even the appearance of some sunshine was quite cheerful. Yes, the sun is now an… Continue reading A room with a view


I am looking into participating with a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and I am interested in doing it for our family but also interested in looking at options for encouraging members of our church and community to do it as well. A new friend was telling me about her experience with helping a church become… Continue reading Connections


When Doug and I were first married, good friends gave us a really nice bottle of Medeira. They told us to wait a year to drink it, and in spite of my pleading on numerous occasions to crack it open that first year, Doug held fast to our friend’s instructions. Doug proudly reported to our… Continue reading Tonight


The other day I was loading the kids into the van, and the way that works is the big kids get into their seats in the very back row while I put Elijah in, then I come to other side and sit on the folded down middle seat while I buckle the two of them… Continue reading Freedom

Seattle Pacific

This afternoon I have the opportunity to guest lecture at Seattle Pacific University for a dear friend, Bob Drovdahl, who is a professor there. I will be speaking on my experience with adult education and I am very much looking forward to meeting the students and hearing more about their hearts for ministry in the… Continue reading Seattle Pacific

New city, new normals

A few observations about life in the Pacific Northwest: -As I find myself out and about during the day with the kiddos, I notice that around here a lot of Dads are home during the day with their children. I remember noticing this when we here on vacation last year, and now that I live… Continue reading New city, new normals

Coming home

Having just moved back to the community where I was raised following six and a half years in Los Angeles (and stints in Portland, Spokane, and Chicago before that), I am remembering some of the things I love about living here. As I type this, my two big kids are tromping around outside, running up… Continue reading Coming home

I’m a prayer lady now

This morning I had the privilege of gathering to pray with a group of women who meet weekly to pray for the needs of the SCC family. My mom would always tell me about how this group, “the prayer ladies” as she called them, prayed for me over the years, especially during our time in… Continue reading I’m a prayer lady now

We’re here

We just got our internet connection installed today and I am excited to share a bit of our adventures of late. Snowstorms, first sermons and songs, a new house, lots of playing Wall-E, a sleepless baby, a new housemate, and a special dedication service this past Sunday for our new ministry posts have made for… Continue reading We’re here