Dispensers of grace

I remember moving toward the counter in a daze. Surrounded by the noise and elbows and roller bags of the Southwest ticket counter at Midway, I felt out of body, suspended above the chaos. I think it was a Sunday. A warm smile greeted me as I slid my paper confirmation printout toward the woman… Continue reading Dispensers of grace

Ears to hear

We are on vacation enjoying a week of lake-life with my folks, and a neighbor’s high-speed internet lured me online briefly last night. I came across a very short video featuring a few thoughts shared by our friend, John Goldingay, on what concerns him about the church today. Listening to John in this video reminded… Continue reading Ears to hear

Henry Louis Gates and my night as a prostitute

I have been following with interest the media coverage of the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr., an esteemed African-American scholar on the faculty at Harvard University. Incidents like this are dipstick moments of sorts for how different opinions and perceptions really are about some facet of our society. They are O.J. moments, really, and… Continue reading Henry Louis Gates and my night as a prostitute


My friend, Jelani, pointed me toward this article which asks some really good questions. Here’s an excerpt: The desire for personal post-race status is an impulse  I encounter frequently. Without fail, it comes from well-intentioned white people looking to be absolved of whiteness – not through their politics, but their biographies. They listen studiously to… Continue reading Post-racial?


I saw a couple of people link to the “Nice White Lady” video today. Here’s Eugene Cho’s take. I found the sketch pretty amusing! I’m also a fan of Nicole Parker and have fond memories of our day spent filming with her in L.A. She is hilarious in this clip.

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Grief on Facebook

Grief is an interesting thing. Sometimes there can be the strangest triggers for mourning. Yesterday, I received a friend invite on Facebook from a young woman I knew back in Chicago. I have to say that Facebook and Myspace have both been really great for getting back in touch with youth I have known over… Continue reading Grief on Facebook

Still Alive

Since moving back to Seattle, I am pretty sure that I have heard a Pearl Jam song every single day. I love Pearl Jam, so this is fine with me, but it still feels kind of amazing that at some point in almost every day I will hear one of their songs. Restaurants, malls, the… Continue reading Still Alive