October 22nd

Ten years ago they took you Past the place where any of us could reach you, We could not pull you back to where you belonged With us I never saw the blood-covered seats Or met the girl they murdered beside you But I saw your shoes And paid for the flowers And sat for… Continue reading October 22nd

Dispensers of grace

I remember moving toward the counter in a daze. Surrounded by the noise and elbows and roller bags of the Southwest ticket counter at Midway, I felt out of body, suspended above the chaos. I think it was a Sunday. A warm smile greeted me as I slid my paper confirmation printout toward the woman… Continue reading Dispensers of grace

Henry Louis Gates and my night as a prostitute

I have been following with interest the media coverage of the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr., an esteemed African-American scholar on the faculty at Harvard University. Incidents like this are dipstick moments of sorts for how different opinions and perceptions really are about some facet of our society. They are O.J. moments, really, and… Continue reading Henry Louis Gates and my night as a prostitute


This past Sunday was the first time that I led the service at our new church home. Pastor Mike took a much-earned day off, and our other Associate pastor was gone for the weekend, so I was entrusted with the Sunday morning gathering. Other than leaving out the greeting time at the beginning of the… Continue reading Sermons


I caught this story on NPR this morning on my very short drive to work. It reminded me of how deep and costly and tragic the consequences of racism have been in our country’s legal system. I can remember learning the scandal of this during my years in Chicago, and seeing how even the very… Continue reading Liars