I caught this story on NPR this morning on my very short drive to work. It reminded me of how deep and costly and tragic the consequences of racism have been in our country’s legal system. I can remember learning the scandal of this during my years in Chicago, and seeing how even the very young were chased, beaten, and jailed unjustly. I remember sitting across from twelve and fourteen-year-old boys and listening to how they walked in fear or hid because of those selected to “protect and serve”. Hearing their stories of being chased and tackled, beaten, struck, I knew I would have run too.

And I am still haunted by the bruises; the brown flesh made blue and black; the broken jaw: children beaten by bloated men of power. And no one ever said they were sorry.


  1. Thank you so much for this post. I sincerely believe that, if most citizens from the other side of town had any clue what these young men endure on a daily basis, their hearts would feel as ours do. I’ll die, still trying to tell the truth of their stories, and I will always appreciate the fact that you put yourself in places where you would know the scandalous facts too.

  2. When our African friend was shot outside out house last year, we were stunned at how unequivocally named him as a gang member when it was not true. As we are adopting a child from Ethiopia and living in the inner city ourselves, these stories scare me deeply. But it also stories like this that make me determined to live where and how I do. Thanks for sharing this.


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