This past weekend brought home to me how very different our life feels up here. Apparently in Shoreline, when the law says that fireworks are illegal in the city, people for the most part comply. The night was a far cry from the Kenwood war zone we encountered during our first Fourth of July in… Continue reading Holiday


Bill Kinnon posts the following excerpt from an essay on the “Islamization of Christianity” by Udo Midleman: When life gets tough, we have all heard here and there in Christian circles one or the other of the following comments: It was the right time for her to die. God must have had something better in… Continue reading Provocative

What do you say the Good News is?

JR Woodward invited me to contribute to his “Good News” series, and my post went up today. You can check out the whole series here. How would you define the Good News in five hundred words? An exercise worth thinking about…


This headline caught my eye this morning: South Africans head to the polls tomorrow in the fourth elections since the end of apartheid in 1994. More than 23 million people have registered to vote in what is being billed as one of most important elections in the country’s history.  I visited South Africa in the… Continue reading Connected

Good news?

I was invited to participate in a blog series hosted by L.A. friend, JR Woodward, exploring how people would describe the gospel, the “good news”, in their given context. My entry will post next week. JR writes this about the series: In this blog series each of the contributors will be summarizing their understanding of… Continue reading Good news?

Another Mercy

When we were deciding what to name our first child, Doug and I had a funny experience where someone made a joke about a name we could use and then commented that the nickname for that name could be “Mercy”. Neither of us said anything to each other in the moment, but later we both… Continue reading Another Mercy

Good thoughts from Scot McKnight

But, let’s not fall for the idea that being more biblical than the Bible is safe ground. Extremism is not righteousness; extremism is zealotry. Trust that what God says is what God wants.

Young lives

One of the things I am really enjoying here at Shoreline Covenant is the opportunity to be involved with pastoring our youth. There has never been a season in my adult life that I have not, in some capacity, served young people, and while the youth ministries of our church here are not one of… Continue reading Young lives