Good news?

I was invited to participate in a blog series hosted by L.A. friend, JR Woodward, exploring how people would describe the gospel, the “good news”, in their given context. My entry will post next week.

JR writes this about the series: In this blog series each of the contributors will be summarizing their understanding of the Good News in 300 to 500 words. Each author is writing their entry as if they were invited by their city newspaper to write an article on the Good News, thus you will find the name of the author’s city newspaper in each entry. This series will challenge us to grow in our ability to share the good news with a variety of people from different perspectives.

The list of contributors and the posting schedule can be found here.

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  1. The answer is yes! The gospel is the Good News of Jesus, therefore everyone can do that regardless of race. I don’t believe that Steve was being racist in his question, it was that he could have phrased it better. Martha Munizzi is a wonderful gospel singer, who is white, and sings “black” gospel music.I don’t think you sound racist for stating the truth. It is black gospel music that you are reffering to and we all understand what you mean…whats the big deal, people are so uptight. I think that some white women can pull it off, no dudes though. Was that racist?

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