From the beachfront

There’s nothing like a week at a lake cabin for the refreshment of one’s soul.

Aaron has added a number of new words to his ever-increasing vocabulary since being here: beach, rocks, “in it”, boat, Auntie, shark (aka Uncle Richard), Buddha (his cousin, Jordan), slippery, mud, and sand. He has loved the neighbor’s remote controlled airplane (as has his father), the duck family that visits daily, all the dogs from nearby cabins, and of course the three Snorts that were working on a cabin three lots down from us.

Mercy would live in the water if we let her. She is the first one in in the morning and usually the last one out, even on the day that was cold and quite windy. Her favorite activity by far, however, is canoe rides. Once she sees the boat she’s like a dog who has seen her leash: she shadows the person with the lifejackets and oars, and as soon as the boat is placed into the water she is guaranteed to be found climbing into it.

The kids have been introduced to S’mores and hot cocoa (neither have been big hits), and they have stayed up until previously unimaginable hours beyond their bedtimes (something the Haub parents tend to not be flexible about during the rest of the year). In other words, life has been very good.

Other highlights have included great food, lots of family, watching a snort go up a set of stairs to leave the beach, no cell service and mostly no internet, spotting a giant Tiger Muskie, playing with Laylah (my brother’s Boxer) in the water, celebrating my parent’s wedding anniversary, and seeing my kids enjoy what was such a significant part of my childhood.

There has also been a surprise addition to the family while here, one that did not involve labor or hospitals. We are now the proud owners of a lovely minivan that came to us via Portland (thank you Craigslist!). She’s cute, red, and perfect for our growing family! We have been praying every night for a van, and while this purchase did involve taking out a loan which we were hoping to somehow avoid, the price for the mileage and model is one we feel good about. So now, instead of a three hour return flight we are looking at three days on the road (any advice for those of you who have traveled with small children?)!

This is my first summer out here since my Grandma passed away this past winter (this cabin has been in her family for multiple generations now). This place is soaked in memories of her and my Grandpa, and being here has been a daily reminder of how much I loved them and how much I was loved by them over the years. I can almost sense their joy as the next generation is introduced to life at the lake, creating silly games and new memories in the same bedrooms and with the same sand toys that their mommies used so many years ago. It makes me really miss them. It makes me feel so grateful for all the things this lake cabin represents.


  1. So glad you all are having a happy time. I’ve been thinking about you.

    My life was profoundly shaped by my grandparents too … I miss them dearly, but am so thankful for all the memories.

    I have no hints for the road, but I’ll send up prayers for you in your new red wheels!

  2. congrats on the minivan! it kind of cracks me up to think of you behind the wheel. perhaps it is the new generations’ little red sled. i’m glad you were able to spend some time up north, it reminded me to tell you my new favorite name for spokane… spokangeles!

  3. My folks regularly drove up from San Francisco to Spokane to visit our friends Dorothy and Cliff when I was very young. My sister and I learned to water ski on Couer d’Alene back in the 60’s when nobody with money had heard of Their Own Private Idaho :^) Wherever you were sounds wonderful. We’ve got tiger muskies in a handful of lakes here in Colorado too.

    Can’t figure out how you’re using ‘snort.’ On the southern west coast snorts are snorkels or snorkelers. While Andrew and I were hiking we used to see goofy weekend miners with snorkels and wet suits excavating some of the rivers in the San Bernardino mountains just east of LA looking for gold. How does a snort work on a cabin in the Northwest?

  4. Tom,

    I meant to link Snort to a previous post that would explain the word–internet connection here is spotty so I was lucky to get the thing posted. Check now and the link should be there! 🙂

  5. Oh well. Neither of our definitions of ‘snorts’ appear in the online versions of Merriam-Webster or the Oxford English dictionary.

    Current definitions of “snort” allow for ‘inhaling’ breath suddenly like one of our old 90’s South Central (and West LA) neighbors doing a line or exhaling breath suddenly (and angrily) like a bull.

    I guess So Cal snorkelers and NW bulldozers both qualify by those standards respectively :^)

    The Wikipedia oracle recognizes snorkelers as ‘snorts’ but not bulldozers.

    Sounds like you’re on the creative edge of language. Great place to be.

  6. Welcome back, sister.
    I’ve missed your posts.

    Glad to hear you had a refreshing time.
    “Are You My Mother?” was a family favorite growing up. One of my little sisters had a stuffed walrus named “Snort.”

    Did you ever see “Regarding Henry” with Harrison Ford? The book plays a role in the movie.

    Trusting you survived the 3-day drive with the two kids. Welcome home.

  7. Thanks, Nathanael and Maria!

    We are actually in transit–two more days to go!!!

    Pray for us 🙂

  8. Nathanael,

    I have to say that Benadryl was the one unanimous recommendation we heard from other parents. We never got any but we were amused that it was the thing everyone told us to do 🙂

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