Creative parenting

“Why does Aaron think there are dragons that live at Ronald Bog?”

“Oh, they don’t live there. They only sleep there at night.”

“Why does he think this?”

“Well, because I told him.”

“You told him that Ronald Bog is full of dragons?”

“Only at night!”

“Why did you tell him this?”

“Well, he didn’t want to leave Pioneer Club on Wednesday night and he was really starting to throw a fit about not wanting to go home so, in a very calm voice, I told him that I didn’t have to take him home; I could drop him off at Ronald Bog for the night, but he might startle the dragons who sleep there and sometimes when they get startled they sneeze out fire and…”

“I can’t believe you told him that…”

“It worked.”


  1. A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do…

    I tend to tell my slow-poke that she can spend the night wherever it is she’s dawdling — “Have a nice night at the park!” I call out as I walk away. It used to make her older sister really nervous. Wait till she hears about the dragons …

  2. Lol!!

    My Mum always says…true parenting is really all bribery and corruption!

    My little brother used to refuse to get dressed in the morning or after he had a bath. So we told him that the passing birds would fly in the window and eat bits of him if he didn’t put clothes on. Totally worked. Just needed to go towards the window to open it, and say ‘ooooh!!! the birdies!!!’ and you’ve never seen a kid get dressed so fast in all your life.

    We also convinced my sister that santa’s elves interview pets to see how well behaved their owners are. A surely brilliant way to make sure she does all the cage cleaning, feeding and so on…!

    Yes, we were a real mean family!!! (and we’re perfectly crazy as a result).

  3. It’s more like Lochness monster than bog dragons…

    ….And I assume you are employing Mr. Flibbertyjig at opportune times to get the kids into bed….

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