Who cares?

One of the things I have appreciated about my job of late is the opportunity to work with Mission Increase Foundation and evaluate patterns and practices in how Christian organizations think about fundraising, and what assumptions undergird what we do. I have so appreciated their consistent emphasis on helping individuals grow and deepen in their… Continue reading Who cares?

Making soup

I recently came across the work of a man named Gerry Straub, a former Hollywood producer who, following a conversion experience in Rome, has devoted his time and his treasure to “put the power of film at the service of the poor.” Having exhausted his personal savings, he writes this about how he finances his… Continue reading Making soup

Food for thought

Ed Gilbreath writes an excellent blog, and his post today includes a collection of interesting links I would recommend. One is to an article discussing the gentrification that is happening in my old neighborhood in Portland. Our recent visits to our old neighborhood and church have surprised me by how very much the neighborhood there… Continue reading Food for thought

An alternative

My friend, Jamie, tagged me with a meme he is starting. Reflecting on a quote from St. Francis he writes: “The life of the Christian should be burning with such a light of holiness that by their very example and conduct, their life will be a rebuke to the wicked.” (St. Francis) In an era… Continue reading An alternative

Quotation of the Week Again

“It isn’t often that I can make God and George Bush happy at the same time.” From a comment at Out of Ur by Ethan Magness discussing a young person’s plan to buy a washer and dryer for a family in need as a Christian response to spending the Economic Stimulus check.

Making some noise

I happened upon a post by Eugene Cho today that speaks well to the issue of giving public testimony, as Christians, about our monetary giving (something I have mentioned here recently). Eugene and his wife, Minhee, are dedicating their earnings for an entire year toward launching a humanitarian organization to battle world poverty and one… Continue reading Making some noise

This is my now

This past week I have repeatedly found myself driving around parts of L.A. that are a bit unfamiliar. Saturday I wound my way through the hills up to Rancho Palos Verdes; Sunday we drove to two different residences in Hollywood. And last night I ventured out through the hills and canyons of the Valley. In… Continue reading This is my now


A friend ministering in the wealthy community of Laguna Beach recently posted on her blog about how the perspective of her kids will be shaped by the affluence around her. One thing I appreciate about Patty’s blog is her honesty and willingness to ask tough questions about what it means to live in the land… Continue reading Branded