thank you God

This has been a week of blessings for the Haub household. Doug and I were given two really great tickets for the L.A. Philharmonic–I have been dying to get inside the Walt Disney concert hall since moving here! We actually ended up not being able to go but the gift meant the world to us.… Continue reading thank you God

Yoda and the Passover

Dick Staub has written a new book, Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters, that explores the question of how my generation has (or in most cases, has not) been mentored by those who have gone before us. He uses the clever comparison of Jedi in desperate need of Yodas who will instruct and guide and… Continue reading Yoda and the Passover

I do

I remember being single and really struggling with the idea of marrying someone and giving up my freedom to follow God wherever and however God would call me. I didn’t like the idea of giving up the “I” for the “We” because I felt like I would be held back somehow—no longer able to pack… Continue reading I do


Last night I drove to LAX to pick up an old friend, AB. She is here in L.A. for her spring break of her final year in college in the Midwest. AB and I have a pretty special history together. In college, I was the coordinator for a big sister/big brother program in the inner… Continue reading Sisters

mailbox manna

Dear Anonymous, My guess is that you won’t ever read this, but maybe writing this has more to do with me than you anyway. When I walked down the stairs to my front door last week to check my mail, the highest hopes I entertained were that perhaps the Newsweek had arrived a day early,… Continue reading mailbox manna