Doug and I made the pilgrimige up the I-5 corridor to Seattle last night with our kids sleeping peacefully in the back of our rented minivan (okay, I swore I would never desire one of these, but they are really, really nice to have). Doug and I know this particular stretch of I-5 quite well. It is a trip we have taken together more times than I can count: we were living in Portland when we got engaged, and because our wedding was in Seattle, we spent many hours commuting back and forth to deal with this or that detail and decision. Driving on I-5 between Seattle and Portland at night also holds special memories for me as it was the setting for Doug’s unexpected profession of feelings for me many years ago (yes, I almost drove off the road).

There is an outlet mall about half-way between Portland and Seattle, and as we passed it I noticed a large billboard with Bob and Larry, the VeggieTales characters, proclaiming in giant letters: “80% OFF ALL THINGS CHRISTIAN” at the Christian Outlet Store.

That’s a pretty good deal. I have mistakingly been paying full-price for my compassion, perseverence, sacrifice and devotion.


  1. It’s a striking image you share and sadly it serves as the defining filter for how most of western Christianity is percieved…no wonder it’s so popular.

    thanks for that wonderful refleciton…

  2. What I pay dearly for becomes a part of me. For all of our “ten easy steps of this” and “40 Days of that”, I still end up learning what I need to learn through “a long obedience in the same direction.” I haven’t yet learned how to make going to the gym easy either. It still hurts like the dickens everytime I go, and everytime I realize that getting ripped has a price to it that offers no discounts. I said I realize it. I didn’t say I do it.

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