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It has seemed like wherever we have gone on this trip, trouble has followed. We arrived here in Seattle two nights ago and felt like, perhaps, the tides were changing and we were now entering a restful, uneventful stretch where babies would sleep through the night and we would not darken the doors of any ER.

Last night we watched Pirates of the Caribbean with my family. The kids were fast asleep upstairs and we had the volume cranked. It was extremely stormy outside and we saw trees and branches blowing violently through the large basement window. After the movie had finished, I made my way upstairs with my dad. He opened the back door to let Laylah out, and stood there with the door open. All of a sudden, he hurried over to where his shoes were and he quickly put them on. “What’s wrong?” I asked him. “Something just doesn’t look right back here,” he said. He went outside and in a matter of seconds called out: “Er, come see this.” I went out in my slippers and he pointed out one of our giant trees, its stump ripped out of the ground, crushing the corner of our neighbors house.

We could not see any lights on, so my dad hurried over to check and see if the woman who lives there was home and okay. He woke her up with his knocking on her front door and she was horrified to learn of what had happened. She had heard something and felt the house shake but she had thought it was the wind and not invesetigated. My dad called our house and asked for Doug and my brother to hurry over there to help clear out the room under the tree. They worked over there for quite a while, and it was not long after they arrived that we all lost power. So we sat in the dining room with candles watching through the window as the guys worked.

It was sometime after 2am that all was finally quiet at our house again. Doug and I just had to laugh.

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  1. Holy Power Outage, Batman! I was actually thinking about you guys last night. Hoping you were enjoying being with your mom and dad (and scecretly hoping you would call because my hubby is out of town and I was a bit lonely). I said some pretty ernest prayers last night as I heard trees cracking and the wind slapping the side of the house. The baby woke up at 2am and we listened to the storm together in the pitch black while he nursed. I guess 2 am was a good time of morning to be awake. Glad to hear everyone was OK next door.

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