What encouragement looks like

“Aaron, you’re so good at Legos. You should do the talent show next year and take all your Legos onto the stage and show how many ships you can build in two minutes.”

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A Confirmation Blessing

For your head: may the words you have committed to memory today return to you often to guide, encourage, and sustain you. And may this day mark the beginning of a habit of lifelong study and learning. There will not always be a hefty notebook and tests, but there will always be those with something… Continue reading A Confirmation Blessing

Quotation of the Week

To the question “Who do you say that I am?” we cannot give a merely theoretical or theological answer. What answers it, in the final analysis, is our life, our personal history, our manner of living the gospel. Peter’s affirmation, ‘You are the Christ,’ is fundamental. But what is demanded is that we make that… Continue reading Quotation of the Week

Vacation to LA

I was preparing for an announcement I hoped to give during our worship service last week and found the following reflection written close to six years ago. I am now on the other end of this, planning and recruiting Seattle folks to join in a week of service and kinship with Church of the Redeemer.… Continue reading Vacation to LA


A few weeks back I posted a quotation from Joanne Heim, a woman I have never met in person, but whose blog I have enjoyed reading this past year. She and her husband attended Whitworth while Doug was there, and I found her blog because of a profile in Whitworth’s alumni magazine that featured her… Continue reading Crucible

October 22nd

Ten years ago they took you Past the place where any of us could reach you, We could not pull you back to where you belonged With us I never saw the blood-covered seats Or met the girl they murdered beside you But I saw your shoes And paid for the flowers And sat for… Continue reading October 22nd

Quotation of the Week

Years ago, the Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann wrote one of my favorite biblical articles titled, “The Costly Loss of Lament.” In it he says the reason that we can lament is that when God created a covenant with us, God made us partners. Both sides have responsibilities and things they must uphold. Without lament,… Continue reading Quotation of the Week