How do you do it?

I had an interesting conversation the other night about boundaries—in relationships and in life in general. I am pretty sure that I am not a person that has a very mature understanding of what it means to operate with a lot of boundaries with people. Today my husband had taken a day off from his… Continue reading How do you do it?


Last night I drove to LAX to pick up an old friend, AB. She is here in L.A. for her spring break of her final year in college in the Midwest. AB and I have a pretty special history together. In college, I was the coordinator for a big sister/big brother program in the inner… Continue reading Sisters

mailbox manna

Dear Anonymous, My guess is that you won’t ever read this, but maybe writing this has more to do with me than you anyway. When I walked down the stairs to my front door last week to check my mail, the highest hopes I entertained were that perhaps the Newsweek had arrived a day early,… Continue reading mailbox manna