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Years ago, the Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann wrote one of my favorite biblical articles titled, “The Costly Loss of Lament.” In it he says the reason that we can lament is that when God created a covenant with us, God made us partners. Both sides have responsibilities and things they must uphold. Without lament, our interaction with God is reduced only to praise and celebration. God is then surrounded by yes-men and yes-women. The contemporary Church is one that has lost the discipline of lament and it has hurt us. What happens then if life is not praise-worthy or events that cause us turmoil should not be celebrated? Should we celebrate cancer? Should we praise earthquakes? Without lament we have no way of being honest before God when bad things happen. And the God we see in the Bible wants us to be honest.

From Tyler Watson


  1. Hey, I made it as a quote of the week. I feel honored. Well, actually my riffing on Brueggemann made it, so I’ll give him the credit.

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