I love the Covenant

I had the privilege of attending my denomination’s Annual Meeting, held in beautiful Portland, Oregon, a few weeks back. I brought Mercy with me and she participated in the Covenant Kids program they provided while I attended the meetings. Doug took the boys with him to his Dad’s house for the weekend, and they had… Continue reading I love the Covenant

Annual Meeting

Dave Gibbons preached tonight at the opening worship service for the Annual Meeting of the Covenant. At one point he referenced the commands to love the Lord with all your heart and to love your neighbor as yourself and he highlighted the provocative way Jesus answered the question of “who is my neighbor”. And as… Continue reading Annual Meeting

Confirmation Sunday

Our congregation celebrated Confirmation Sunday a few weeks ago, and Pastor Mike asked me to say a few words to the confirmands before they received the gift of their Bibles. I stood before them and our congregation proudly holding my own burgundy, leather confirmation bible from so many years ago, and offered this: I remember… Continue reading Confirmation Sunday


This past Sunday was the first time that I led the service at our new church home. Pastor Mike took a much-earned day off, and our other Associate pastor was gone for the weekend, so I was entrusted with the Sunday morning gathering. Other than leaving out the greeting time at the beginning of the… Continue reading Sermons

Good thoughts from Scot McKnight

But, let’s not fall for the idea that being more biblical than the Bible is safe ground. Extremism is not righteousness; extremism is zealotry. Trust that what God says is what God wants.


Aaron has been walking around this past week singing the worship song: “This is the Day…” I thought it was a bit curious that he was singing it so much until I found out that the kids have been rehearsing the song during Sunday School in preparation for Palm Sunday when they will walk through… Continue reading Backfire

Young lives

One of the things I am really enjoying here at Shoreline Covenant is the opportunity to be involved with pastoring our youth. There has never been a season in my adult life that I have not, in some capacity, served young people, and while the youth ministries of our church here are not one of… Continue reading Young lives