Aaron has been walking around this past week singing the worship song: “This is the Day…” I thought it was a bit curious that he was singing it so much until I found out that the kids have been rehearsing the song during Sunday School in preparation for Palm Sunday when they will walk through our sanctuary waving their palm branches and then gather to sing “This is the Day” from up front.

I was commending Aaron for his great singing on the way home from a church pancake breakfast Saturday morning, and I made some comment about how God loves to hear our worship. Mercy, of course, wanted to know why, so we got into a more extended discusison of worship and God’s relationship to all of creation. At one point I explained to her how the Bible tells us that if we were to stop worshiping God, if we were to stop singing God’s praises, the rocks would start to sing in our places.

There was a very long silence from the back seat.

“Mommy, is that true?” Mercy finally said.

“Yes, Mercy. That’s what the Bible tells us,” I replied.

It was quiet once again until Aaron began a new chorus of “This is the Day”. Mercy immediately turned to her brother: “Shhhh……Aaron, don’t sing! I want to hear the rocks!”


  1. Intersting~its the children with the wisdom God chooses to give them….In the book of Luke a small parable is told well~same thing , same understanding-Just the physicians interpretation…cute!:)

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