A new motivation to clean my house

You know how people say that you should always make sure you are wearing clean underwear in case you end up in an accident and are taken to the hospital? I have a new one: always make sure your house is tidy in case you have to call the police to come and do a walk-through of your house because there is evidence of a possible intruder.

I came home today after my first staff meeting with Servant Partners and found my back door wide open. The kids were over at my friend’s house where our babysitter had dropped them off, and while it was entirely possible that the back door had been left open I wasn’t going to risk it. Two very nice officers responded to my call, and they did a complete check of the house to make sure no one was inside. Having just arrived home from the East coast yesterday, the house was in somewhat of a state of chaos, and I realized after the officers went in that they just might have a hard time ascertaining whether or not there had been an intrusion.

Sure enough, after giving the all clear they had me bring the kids up and walk through myself to make sure that everything looked okay. I think the officer’s words were: “It doesn’t look ransacked” which was probably the best he could do to not call attention to the fact that it wasn’t immediately clear whether our house was a crime scene or not.


  1. love that story…but know that you are not alone. i have a friend who was told by the cops not to go into her house because she had been “ransacked” – but she had to tell them nope…that’s just my house.
    those are the joys of life and kids 🙂

  2. oh my GOD! never a dull moment in the land of south central…well – actually santa monica is more dangerous!!

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