Malibu living

After yet another trip to urgent care today with one of our children, we ended up taking a little coastal detour and enjoying a beautiful drive on the PCH. THe kids had both fallen asleep after leaving the doctor’s office, so rather than risk short-circuiting their naps by trying to transfer them, we decided to make the most of a little quiet time in the car. January really is the most beautiful month here in Southern California: something about the sun and light is just different, and the scenery tends to be quite beautiful. So we were happy to take some time and appreciate the sun and waves.

As we cruised north of Santa Monica and into Malibu, we both had to comment about all of the luxury vehicles that surrounded us. We were both struck by the sheer glamour of what people here drive, and how really expensive cars are the norm for so very many people. After passing the sixth Bentley, we stopped even commenting to each other.

I do not have a mind that wraps very well around economic theories. And I am certain that the things I long for in terms of some semblance of economic justice in our world simply will never occur this side of a new earth. But it does not stop me from longing, or from being flabberghasted at the absurdity of some things. Like Bentleys.


  1. Did you know that inside the door frame of a Bentley is an umbrella hidden…awaiting someone to use it to shelter them from the rain….

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