Scot McKnight in Malibu

So I was reminded by our coastal drive yesterday that Scot McKnight had mentioned on his blog that he would be giving a lecture at Pepperdine which is located just north of us in Malibu. After a bit of investigating, it looks like it will be possible for me to go and hear him speak, something I have looked forward to having the opportunity to do for some time. Though Scot and I intersected briefly in our years at North Park, I never had the opportunity to have him as a teacher. So I have appreciated him from a distance via his blog and of course through his books.

One thing I always really loved about living in Chicago was that I had so many opportunities to hear many great people speak in various venues there. It seemed like EVERYONE came through Chicago, and I was quick to take advantage of as many authors and theologians and poets as I could. Of course, being a student at Fuller has afforded me some great opportunities to hear some really great folks, but since living here I have missed enjoying a range of lectures on a more regular basis. Perhaps that says much more about my life stage than it does about the city of L.A. That said, I am looking forward to a little evening away tomorrow, and a chance to hear some good words from a great scholar.


  1. Erika, I am substitute teaching and had a break. I found you at last, having only look once. That’s not saying much. Carole and I made that drive after Anna and Rich’s wedding. Nice memories. We’re Pepperdine students behind the wheels of the Bentley’s.


  2. Carole and I made that drive after Rich and Anna’s wedding. Warm memories. Thsi si my first vist to your musings.


  3. But, I’m always surprised by the quality of the people that you run into where ever you are. There are some amazing people here.

  4. Erika,
    It was great to see you there, esp knowing the effort it takes — though come to think of it, climbing up that hill in Malibu is well worth it.

    Glad to spend time with you afterwards, too.

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