Thirteen people were murdered this weekend in Los Angeles (the L.A. Times offers details on eleven of the slayings).

We have all noticed an increase in activity lately in our neighborhood: sirens, screaming, the pounding of helicopters that hardly ceases…”Do you know what was going on last night?” is a common question between neighbors.

Meanwhile life goes on and days are spent chasing marbles up and down our driveway, starting swimming lessons, going to birthday parties with neighbors, and welcoming new babies into our church family.

But thirteen people were murdered this weekend.


  1. Well, that kinda news doesn’t register too much out here in the South. But that’s also why I read your blog, as it is commenting of life and God from a specific geographic place – south central L.A. That’s what gives your blog its vibe – how you deal with life IN the place you are, and how God fits into all that.
    Whew. 13.

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