Slingshots and liquor stores

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak at our sister church in Pasadena. It is always wonderful to be with these extraordinary people who have made our mission here a significant part of their own mission as a church. I am always blessed when I have the chance to be with them.

I shared with them about how things have been recently on Kenwood, and the ways we are responding through our block club and weekly prayer meetings. I also shared about the hearing today that many of us will attend regarding an individual’s request for a liquor license to sell liquor at the end of our street.

I told them how right now, Mercy is infatuated with the David and Goliath story. I said that if I am not reading the story or telling it to her, I am helping her act it out with toys, etc. Here was this weekend’s installment:
I shared with them how evident it is that Mercy believes that this story is true: she believes that a little boy really brings down a giant. I talked about how I feel a lot like David on most days. The giants on my street are well armed (literally) and I usually feel like I am walking around clutching a little stone. But I am called to believe like my daughter does, and to stake my life on what may look insignificant, foolish and small. I am called to believe in miracles.


  1. Erika,
    Just wanted to let you know that I read every one of your postings (in Google Reader). You are a very good writer and I appreciate them all…and do pray for you and yours.

    I look forward to Imbi and I meeting you and the rest of the family this summer.


  2. Thanks, Bill. That put a good smile on my face (which I needed as I am sweating through what to say in my two minute allotment at the hearing)!

    It will be great to all get together soon–much fun to be had for sure 🙂

  3. Hey EJ — My chidhood, circle-C,squirrel (what was that), cul-de-sac friend. I have been reading via Blackberry from New York, Mumbai, London, Brussels and more places than I could list and FINALLY take time to say hi. Currently from Disney World (don’t ask — its business. But I LOVE the blog (and note — I just looked up to see a lizard/Gecko above my head hovering near the light above my outdoor balcony. And it made me write and say — YOU ARE A LIGHT. And it is such an amazing, refreshing inspiration for keeping it real. Much love from New York and wherever I am that I get to benefit from your insights and perspectives. You have no idea how they shape my day-to-day. XXOO. M

  4. Matt,
    Your comment tonight brought me so much joy!!! It means the world to me that you read here, and even more that you took the time to let me know that you do.

    We talk all the time about how badly we want to get back to New York to see you. We’ve decided that it should be our first big no-kids trip! (my mom and dad first left Anna and I–with the Barner’s of course–for a week in New York, so I thought I should keep the tradition alive!)

    Enjoy Disneyworld!!!

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