Quotation of the Week

“If I ask to be delivered from trial rather than for deliverance out of it, to the praise of His glory; if I forget that the way of the cross leads to the cross and not to a bank of flowers; if I regulate my life on these lines, or even unconsciously my thinking, so that I am surprised when the way is rough and think it strange, though the word is, ‘Think it not strange,’ ‘Count it all joy,’ then I know nothing of Calvary love.”

From “If”, by Amy Carmichael


  1. Thanks, Erika. I love how the Holy Spirit works in other people affirming what It’s teaching us–I’ve been praying the Lord’s prayer in light Jesus’ example of the cross–not “lead me not into the time of trial,” but “give me your strength and courage to go through the time of trial for your glory.”

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