Our new baby!

We hadn’t even noticed that our little hummingbird family had returned to the nest on our front porch, and all of a sudden we have a sweet new baby to celebrate! We missed the early, really fuzzy-tiny stage of this little one, and she already looks awfully grown-up.

When Mercy names something, she will often add an “a” to an already existing name, especially to make a masculine name feminine (all that early exposure to Spanish!). For example, Little Foot is the baby dinosaur in Land Before Time, and Little Foot’s sister (in our play) is named Little Foot-a.

So, in honor of my sweet girl I have named the baby Sammy-a. Here she is!



  1. Here I’ve been unable to woo ours back with my petunias, just so we can catch an oocasional glimpse of these marvelous creatures…and you have a nest! How wonderful! 🙂

  2. You may have a budding Pentecostal preacher on your hands. We went to a poor, pentecostal church in LA in the Highland Park district for years, and adding a heavily aspirated ‘a’ at the end of words was pretty common there and in other English speaking pentecostal churches I’ve visited around the world. During those years we worshiped ‘The Lord-a’ with ‘the Church-a!’

    My son Andrew and I have been listening to a lot of James Brown lately and he does the same thing all the time, so on the other hand maybe you’ve got the future ‘godmother of soul’ or the present ‘hardest working pre-schooler in show business’ under your roof :^)

  3. How absolutely adorable…this baby Sammy. i love all animals , birds, and such….just not snakes or lizards. God Bless and thanks for sharing of this precious beautiful baby bird. “R”

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