Happy birthday, Daddy


My friend, Tyler Watson, posted this photo on his blog a few weeks ago and I instantly fell in love with it. And I post it today in honor of my husband. Today is Doug’s birthday, and when I think about this past year, I feel like this photo in many ways captures how it has felt for our family.

Now I know that I should look at this image and reflect on how Jesus has been our rock in the midst of the waves of trouble we have endured. And I do of course deeply feel and believe that. But when I look at it what actually strikes me is how it is a picture of Doug, standing firm, while taking hits from every side. Doug has not been moved by the things that have afflicted us. He has held his faith and always been able to hope; he has not faltered in caring for me and the kids; he has held his ground in terms of steadily making progress through his classes at Fuller in spite of our family chaos; and he has served diligently at our church, composing power point slides in the wee hours before Sunday services because those were the only hours not spoken for by children and a needy wife.

So this morning when some crazy person rang our doorbell at 6:20am waking up all three children and starting our day sooner than we would have liked, and when I pretty much failed in making the nice breakfast I was attempting, it was no surprise that Daddy showed great grace and humor throughout it all. We love you, Daddy Douglas, and we recognize how you have been our rock this year and how very many waves you have withstood.

Happy Birthday.

11111111111111 (From Mercy)

5aJNNNNNNNRR (From Aaron)


  1. Erik,

    I was JUST cleaning off a shelf to make room for more books and I found the photo album that had pics from Doug’s birthday our second year here in L.A. (his 30th?). Sus is prego, our play kitchen stove is full of beer and the apartment looks simply empty of clutter and so full of good friends. Good times.

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