Meet Sam, the Bee-Hag

I’m not a fan of business/organizational lingo. My tolerance is so low that when I worked at North Park I went crazy with all the talk about everything “on our plates”! Anyway, call it a minor pet peeve…

A few weeks ago Redeemer Community Partnership (our Community Development Corporation) presented our church with a BHAG:

“The acronym BHAG stands for ‘Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal’ and is pronounced ‘bee-hag’. It’s a concept that was popularised in the 1995 business bestseller Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, both of Stanford University on the US west coast.”

There is an old, historic building in our neighborhood that will be up for sale in a few weeks. A grand vision is afloat to acquire this building and convert it into a community center that could house our ministries of compassion and justice, as well as our worship services and mid-week programs. It is an amazing opportunity that will clearly require a magnificent work of God to become a reality.

So, since I dislike the lingo, I thought I would personalize this BHAG and give it a face.

And since I love nicknames (yes, my husband was known by my family alternately as “Hot Lips” or “the Wugger” for the first year of our friendship), I think I will call him Sam.


  1. glad to see douglas didn’t delete all the pictures of the goats 🙂
    thanks again for the cookies – i always love it when you all visit the office!

  2. Last night Doug and I tried to remember the exact origin of “the wugger”. I remember it derived from “dougie wuggie”, but who coined THAT one I’m not sure.

    You can visit Sam in Tillamook, Oregon at the Blue Heron Cheese Company. BECAUSE YOU LIVE IN PORTLAND NOW. Take Chicken, sometime :).

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