Last week, Rob Bell of Mars Hill co-taught a course for Fuller’s Doctor of Ministry program where my husband is a Program Manager. On Tuesday he spoke for the broader Fuller community, and at the end of his lecture/sermon/whatever it was, there were a bunch of big white foam boards he had used to write things on left on the stage. My husband, knowing his daughter well, did his best to get his hands on two of them to bring home for her to use as canvases (Rob is a very popular preacher and apparently people were snagging these foam boards like set lists after a show!).

I was thrilled when he brought them home. I don’t know Rob personally but anyone with Alfred Edersheim on his recommended reading list HAS to be cool. Anyway, Mercy has done a work on these white boards:


The black lines behind her drawing represent a continuum Rob drew to represent the distribution of wealth in our world. You can see on the far right that there is an arrow where this tiny portion of the line is marked off. That line represents the percentage of the 6 billion inhabitants of the earth that possess 86% of the world’s wealth.

It has been a haunting coloring book, to say the least.

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