Viral Hope

Here is a great review of Viral Hope, a book by Ecclesia Press that I contributed to and has just been released this month. Check it out!

Sabbath as noun

“The Sabbath, I said, is not only an idea. It is also something you keep. With other people.” – Judith Shulevitz This is an excellent post by Lavonne Neff, one of my new favorite reads. Like her, I commend Abraham Heschel’s book on the Sabbath to anyone, and hearing her rank this new offering as… Continue reading Sabbath as noun


Mercy has a new curiosity surrounding death. She has brought it up more frequently lately, and I have found myself talking to her about death and resurrection and heaven. I just read an interesting interview with N.T. Wright (and have been following this same discussion on Scot McKnight’s blog as he is currently reviewing Wright’s… Continue reading Where?

Could you help a sister out?

In a week, we leave for six weeks of family leave which we will spend with our families in Portland, Tillamook and Seattle. Doug walked through the dining room this morning carrying two books saying: “This is my reading for the trip.” I realized I have no clue what I should try (key word, per… Continue reading Could you help a sister out?

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Does it work?

This past week, I had the chance to read Scot McKnight’s newest book, A Community Called Atonement. It is an excellent book, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in grappling with what it means to be “saved” according to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The book is a theological discussion, but as… Continue reading Does it work?

What youth need

I have had a lot of conversations recently with people around issues of ministering to youth and how that can be done most effectively. While in my hospital bed, Doug and I listened to a recording of Chap Clark’s inaugural lecture at Fuller Seminary where he brilliantly assesses the state of youth ministry in the… Continue reading What youth need

All because of a bow-tie

I came to Fuller Seminary as a visiting student back in 1995. I had started seminary studies at North Park Theological Seminary but, having completed my undergraduate work at the college, I felt a desire for some change. I distinctly remember sitting in a Starbucks in Chicago with my trusted friend who happened to be… Continue reading All because of a bow-tie

Top five

My friend, Tyler Watson, has a great question posted on his blog today: if you had to name your “Top Five” books of the Bible, what would they be? Here’s the answer I posted: 1.  Matthew: The book of Matthew has been my favorite gospel since the fourth grade. That was when I started reading… Continue reading Top five

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