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My friend, Tyler Watson, has a great question posted on his blog today: if you had to name your “Top Five” books of the Bible, what would they be?

Here’s the answer I posted:

1.  Matthew: The book of Matthew has been my favorite gospel since the fourth grade. That was when I started reading the Bible seriously, and Matthew is where I began. God changed me deeply, even at that young age, through that text. I was also in the Matthew class with Beaton and it only confirmed for me my deep love for this book.
2. Revelation: As Darrell Johnson once preached, this book reminds me that, no matter how much things look to the contrary, “Jesus’ gonna win.” As an urban minister, this book is a lifeline for me.
3. Ezekiel: the images of moving from death to life by the grace of God
4. Isaiah: how justice and worship function together
5. Deuteronomy: how to live as someone who remembers


  1. I didn’t know you were in the Beaton class too. Do you remember what was your final paper topic? I think mine was on how Matthew talks about the people of God.

  2. Yep! I sat in the front with Steve Severson, was pregnant and morning-sick most days, and I think my final paper was on judgment.

  3. I feel ashamed to admit it, but none of the Apostle Paul’s books would get in my top five. It is inspired Scripture, I know, but I find preaching Paul very difficult for me. I do it, but I have to get through it pretty quick. A question for Paul: “Did you ever get a second date with the same girl?”
    My top five would be: John’s Gospel, Genesis, Psalms, Isaiah, Revelation (no, I am not a dispy nut but through the lens of Eugene Peterson)

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