You know you are in the Pacific Northwest when…

-having a Thule top on your minivan is NOT helpful in finding your vehicle in a crowded parking lot

-you overhear your friends swapping composting tips they learned in the composting class they recently attended

-you are not disappointed, EVER, when you ask what is on tap

-every third car is a Subaru

-every fourth car is a Prius

-there are as many dogs as people at every beach

-noses and boobs actually vary


  1. Oh, totally the bike lane traffic!!! In fact, driving my minivan throughout town totally stressed me out because I was afraid of my blind spots and in L.A. there is NO bike traffic!

  2. L.A. is a very, very big place. More nose and boob diversity :^) than anywhere I can think of.

    Maybe some things there you haven’t experienced. Bike lanes included :^)

    NO to tired PNW stereotypes of LA and California.

    YES to experience :^). You’re a missionary, after all….

  3. The nose and boob line was a joke, of course, though not entirely unfounded 🙂 That said. I was surprised in flipping through a magazine called “Portland Magazine” or something like that to see that, between all the dining reviews and gallery adds, the majority of ad space was devoted to plastic surgery. Trends spread, even to the organic, composting types I suppose!

    The only bike riders I see are the USC students crossing Jeff to get to and from classes. And yes, I occupy a very small corner of a very large place!

  4. “you are not disappointed, EVER, when you ask what is on tap”

    This one I dispute.

    I’m not sure you guys know what dark beer is. All your popular brews might pass elsewhere as “starter” beer…

    You might substitute:

    – it has rained within the past 24 hours. At least twice.

    That said, I do still enjoy the PacNW….

  5. Shoot, I can’t follow your link so not sure what you are referencing. I’m with you on the dark beer (I remember when Redhook was brewing their BlackHook which had coffee in it), though this last trip I had Rogue Ales for the first time at their brewery in Newport, Oregon. Great people, cool place, and their Bitter was fantastic!!! Not so dark but really, really good.

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