You go, girl!

Our common living areas in our apartment are filled with bookshelves (our living room is our home office), and Mercy knows that she is not allowed to play with “Mommy’s books.” She has her own shelves of books that she is free to do with as she pleases, but in general I do not let her take our books off the shelves.

Up until this week, there has only been one author that has tempted her, and that is Henri Nouwen. She has been drawn to his “section”, and his section only, and every time I have caught her with one of my books in hand it has been one of his. Well, this week I found my Helmut Thielicke collection rearranged and the red crayon gives me an idea as to who the culprit might be. I just might be raising a preacher girl after all!


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  1. that’s my little girl! Please, due to her young age it might take her a while to get through some of the books – particularly “How to Believe Again” – so if she still has one 6 months after starting, let it go and let her keep reading 🙂

  2. Six months is PERFECTLY acceptable for an almost two-year-old. Now, a twenty-eight year old? That is a different story completely 🙂

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