Who are my mother and brother?

I am struggling right now with the wave of suffering that has struck our families recently. I am struggling with my role, once again, as a long-distance family member. I am struggling with reconciling Jesus’ words about who we are and how we are to be as family to one another and my own emotional pull and longing for proximity to those I love and care for that I happen to be related to. It is not any lack of desire to be family to people here: people in my church and people on my street. It is just a very deep and real desire to be a daily, consistent, present person to those we have left behind.


  1. We’re praying for you guys. Praying that God will create a path to what you need – whether that’s peace with where you are or provisions for being closer to your family. I was just reading Matthew the other day and praying that our decision to move back to Portland truely be about what He wants and not just our selfishness. So, you’re not alone in your struggle. Do you think women struggle with this more than men?

  2. Thanks, dear friends.

    Maria, you have it exactly right. I wrote earlier that my prayer for this year for us is “give me Jesus,” not “give me comfort” or “give me myself”. That has to be our greatest desire–to see and know Christ. It’s just not always easy to see where and how we are called to receive him. Thanks for the prayers and support!

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