1. that article is hard to believe and if it is true, I am ashamed that such perspective exists within our faith. It goes to show how far some have wandered from the heart of the gospel.

  2. I think it’s satire.

    The Wittenburg Door is the oldest evangelical satire and humor outlet. Sort of a Christian “The Onion” before there was “The Onion.”

    Satires try to get people to laugh at (and consider) things that would normally make them cry by exaggerating problems in a funny way.

    I think this particular satirist didn’t make the joke clear enough.

    When that happens you get small laugh and big cry.

  3. Dan R. Dick really is Research Coordinator for the General Board of Discipleship in Nashville, Tennessee. It is true that the Wittenburg Door specializes in satire, but Dan R. Dick is very much into how to be a neighbor in the Christian sense. It might be worth it for you to contact him directly about the article and find out if it is intended to be a satire, or if it really is, as he says, an op ed piece. Let us know what you find out! Check out another article written by Rev. Dick here: http://www.umc.org/atf/cf/%7BDB6A45E4-C446-4248-82C8-E131B6424741%7D/SOTC_DICK.PDF
    You can reach him through this website:

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