The spectacle to end all spectacles

I am fairly accustomed to the feeling of being a spectacle here. The white woman pushing her two white babies around in a very large stroller contraption is bound to make some heads turn around here. Yesterday, a good friend and her dog came to visit for the afternoon and we took the kids for a long walk to the park and then on to Starbucks for an end-of-the-day treat. As we were walking, I noticed that every head in every car, as well as every person outside in front of their houses was staring openly at our entourage. There was a steady murmur as well of commentary as we would go past people’s properties.

I turned to Karla and told her that I was used to getting a fair amount of attention when I walk down the street, but parading through South Central with a 100+ pound Newfoundland tagging along was setting a new record.

It was great, actually, in the way that big dogs make people stop in their tracks and it is like they can’t stop themselves from talking to you. Zoe the Newfoundland was certainly an event on our streets yesterday, and I am certain that I will hear about her from my neighbors in the days to come. And when Mercy woke up late last night to use the potty one more time, the first words out of her mouth were: “Mommy, where’s Zoe?”


  1. love it! i am so glad mercy liked zoe – i am still a bit terrified so karla always loves it when someone else really enjoys her 🙂

  2. So, Julia, you may not have a Newfoundland but when are you coming for a day in the hood?


  3. Plenty of other kinds of big dogs that tended to concentrate our attention for other reasons when we lived in your hood :^) No Newfoundlands, though.

    You ought to see if you’ve got a friend with a large, manicured poodle. Repeat your proceedure with that kind of dog on Vermont. I’d pay to see the reactions to that. Most of the neighbors would think you were direction challenged west siders who got off the Santa Monica Fwy about 5 or 6 exits too far east….

  4. Yeah, Pit Bulls hardly earn notice here, and most of the dogs are weird ghetto street breeds. NONE are anywhere near the size of our sweet friend, Zoe.

    I am quite sure I don’t know of anyone with a large manicured poodle! But that would be amusing…

  5. Yep, it confirms the old missional maxim: The best way to meet your neighbours is with babies and dogs.

    While we do not have the former (yet), we met more people in our community the first day we walked our dog than in all the months prior.

    Great story!


  6. that would be SO FUN! we will have to do that soon. i’d even love to give you and douglas a night out and i can just hang with the kids 🙂

  7. Jamie,

    The baby thing is SO TRUE!!! I have found that as a mom of young ones, people are so responsive to meeting me and talking with me. I have also found that when I am pregnant (which has been a lot lately!), the same has been true. My sister has experienced the same–doors that people refused to open before (literally) were literally open to her if she had the kids along.

  8. Julia,

    You name the date!!! Wow, what would Mercy think about JULIA coming to our house…


  9. Yes, nice way to meet people. It’s good that so many take an interest too. We get some interest in our dog, an arctic dog (can’t remember name for its kind, and Deb is gone) when we walk her.

  10. I had so much fun, Erika, and didn’t even notice being a spectacle (it actually happens a lot with Zoe – her hundred-pound-swagger garners attention frequently)! Zoe is available for walks to the park anytime (and me, too).

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