The day after

Friday night was amazing. I will need a much longer post to really get across how incredible the night was for those of us organizing the event, for our community, for the hundreds who came out to the street, and for our entire church family. Today I will simply say thank you for the prayers so many of you offered this past week.

I am sitting here in my living room prepping my sermon for tomorrow while Doug, Jelani and Jaamar are running through tracks and building slides for the service. I am thrilled that The Iccsters will be with us for worship tomorrow and I feel so priviliged to have these guys ministering with us this weekend.

I have had what can best be described as a Harvest Carnival Hangover today: my body feels like I was run over by something large, and considering the scope of last night on a purely logistical level, combined with the powerful spiritual elements of these past few days, I guess I kind of was.


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