Street preacher

My sister has been doing a little kid’s program on Wednesday nights for Mercy and a few other kids. One aspect of the program is bible memory verses, and last week Anna told the kids that if they could recite the memory verse to her the following week, they would get a prize. Well, that is a very great incentive for my little Mercy, and all week she diligently practiced her verse.

Yesterday afternoon, a few hours before she was scheduled to go to Anna’s house, she recited her verse to me one more time. I praised her, and then turned my attention to the baby to feed him his snack.

As I put some food on Elijah’s tray, I saw Mercy position herself in the corner of our living room and press her face against the screen of the open window there:

“GIVE THANKS IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES,” she yelled with her loudest voice. “FOR THIS IS GOD’S WILL FOR YOU.”

She repeated this a few times.

I really wonder what our neighbors were thinking.


  1. That’s great :^) When my daughter Rebecca was little she used to break out in spontaneous verses or bible songs at some interesting times and places. Our friends and next door neighbors–a Jewish professor at Occidental College and his wife–used to get treated to any number of ‘Lordship of Jesus’ verses during dinners at their house. Fortunately they had a good sense of humor about it.

    Urban poor settings do make you reflect deeper on the meanings of some familiar verses….

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