Sign of the times

Today my kids ate PB&J’s on cheap, nutrition-less white bread for the first time ever.

We had run out of bread and I was watching my friend’s daughter for the day so I called Lauren and asked if she could help me out with some bread. She brought over her loaf of white “Bimbo” brand bread, purchased at the little corner market at the end of our street, and we laughed because she knows that the kids always eat some kind of whole grain bread (since she makes their sandwiches as often as I do!). “They’ll love it!” I told her.

All three kids devoured their sandwich, crust and all. And demanded more. All three ate a second sandwich. I was laughing realizing how exotic cheap white bread was to my children. I wonder what would happen if they got bologna!


  1. They just thought it was cool that you were giving them Mexican bread. 🙂

    Bimbo is a Mexican brand — although Grupo Bimbo has a US-based company to bake their stuff north of the border. The fact that you can buy Bimbo in your neighborhood (instead of their US label — “Mrs Bairds”) says something about your barrio.

  2. Yeah, we used to laugh at all the “Bimbo” signs when I lived in Morelia. Pretty sure we posed in front of them for silly pics, even. Funny that white bread can be cross-cultural 🙂

  3. it is just the mystery of it all! i am sure if you kept serving them that bread they would soon get sick of it 🙂 you know, kids and their fickle tastes.
    i haven’t had white bread in years…maybe i should try it again!

  4. That is so funny because yesterday we went to visit my Grandmother who recently moved to Portland and she served us grilled tuna on WHITE wonder bread. It was really weird. Joel didn’t have any but I devoured mine!

  5. When I was in high school a friend of mine’s mom would pack him cheez whiz sandwiches on wonderbread. OMG. I thought it was the Best Sandwich Ever. Or at least way better than that tuna on whole grain silliness my mother would pack. 😉

  6. My kindergartener came home after a few weeks or months of school and started asking why we never have white bread. So far I’ve resisted giving in to her requests, though she did start buying the hot lunch at school, which might be just about as bad as PB&J on wonder/bimbo.

  7. I remember totally coveting the Chef Boyardee (sp?) canned ravioli and spaghettios that our neighbor friends got to eat. Oh, and it was HEAVEN to go to Grandma’s because we would get Frosted Flakes.

  8. And don’t forget how you and Anna would trade your homemade cookies for ding-dongs…or whatever they were!!

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