She’s smart, this one…

Mercy is three and recently she has become fascinated by words and how they are spelled. She will sound out every word she sees and ask me to spell everything. This is of course very cute and sweet, and as a lover of language and words I encourage her at every step.  That is until recently.

I have noticed that when it is time to nap, there is a burning urgency to sound out every word she can find in the apartment. There is a large poster framed above the futon where she doesn’t sleep, and so every time she lays down there she simply MUST sound out and spell and read and then sound out again the handful of words printed there. And of course much of this involves asking mom numerous questions about this letter or that sound. She senses my delight in helping her learn to read and seems to know that it is an activity I will find very difficult to resist. I think you get the picture.

On a similar note, there was a time recently when Mercy got in trouble with me. She knew she had done something wrong, and looking up at my face she blurted out: “Mommy, your tummy’s getting littler!”

I smiled and told her thank you and laughed at this impulse, seen in one so young, to flatter in desperation.

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