And then there’s the Baron…

Mercy has started a weekly piano class with kids from the neighborhood, taught by our good friend from church. They haven’t touched the piano yet (these are three and four year olds), but have been using songs and games to learn about notes and the staff and treble clefs and the like. One week Mercy came home talking about “space notes”, and later in the day placed a ring of stretchy car-tracks around her face and declared to all of us: “Look at me! I’m a space note!”

So yesterday, Aaron found an unopened envelope in the recycle (one of the gazillion credit card offers we get regularly), and he asked me if he could open it. I said, “Sure!”, so he excitedly went about the task of ripping and tearing.

When he finally got it open, he looked in and then slowly pulled out one of the pieces of paper inside. Looking up at us with an enormous grin he declared: “It’s a space note!”

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