Today is one of those days when I marvel at the wealth of our life here in L.A. When I look around and see the diversity of the people in Mercy, Aaron and Elijah’s life; when I see the kind of love and devotion that our church family shows to them daily; when I stop to consider the scope of joy that these people bring to our family, I realize that for everything that can feel so hard here, we are so richly blessed by things that money or security or comfort simply do not give.

My husband is a brilliant songwriter (as someone once said to me, before I ever met Doug: “Douglas Haub is the most naturally talented person I know”). Today I caught myself singing the words to a song he wrote a long time ago:

“I am a pauper,
Yes I am poor.
Let there be no lies told, let no lies be told here,
My cup runneth over, runneth over,
I am an heir.”


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