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Every once in a while, I will walk into a room and see the remains of one of the kids’ play. I am always amused at what toys end up companions in Mercy or Aaron’s imagination. Today, I caught this dramatic scene on the bookshelf by the window in the living room. Doug and I laughed as we speculated the caption that could describe this particular exchange between the Lone Ranger and Ariel…


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  1. Having Googled to find out exactly who Ariel is, I suggest: “Kemosabe, the water is rising.” That works on the adult/figurative level too, I suspect.

  2. Jennifer,

    I love that you Googled “Ariel”! I forget that not all are immersed in Disney princess lore and figurines (thank you, Grandparents…)

  3. Jan and I were taking a weekend walk today on a beautiful Denver November afternoon when we came across two young mothers pushing what looked like their one-year-olds.

    We easily overheard their conversation which was focused on how regularly their kids poop.

    After we’d passed them and gotten out of audio range, Jan laughed and said, “Funny what you spend your time thinking about at certain seasons in life.”

  4. Oh yes, Tom. I too am amazed at how much mental energy I do devote to discussing such things as poop and princesses 🙂

  5. ariel-“i cannot look as you ride away on your brave steed. may my wig of courage serve you well in your travels. farewell!”
    loneranger-“thank you, fairly hairless maiden, may you be blessed for your generosity. hi-ho, and away, silver, er…i mean gold!”

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