Quotation of the Week

“No single human being can pray the psalms of lamentation out of his or her experience. Spread out before us here is the anguish of the entire Christian community throughout all time, as Jesus Christ alone has wholly experienced it…

God’s ways are too difficult to grasp. But even in the deepest hopelessness, God alone remains the one addressed…The one who suffers sets out to battle against God for God. God’s promise, God’s previous redemptive deeds, the honor of God’s name among all people, are again and again held up before the wrathful God.”

From The Prayerbook of the Bible by Dietrich Bonhoeffer


  1. “Battling against God for God.”

    Pretty much a summary of a lot of OT prophetic faith.

    Whatever happened to that take :^)?

  2. Tom,

    I don’t know! It sound so foreign to the way I hear most churches speak of God and our relationship with him, as individuals and as communities. It is so raw and real and authentic, as I find Israel’s relationship with Yahweh to be. We tend to domesticate, to protect God from God so to speak…

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