Mercy of the flowers

Little Mercy pulled of the (potentially) impossible on Saturday: she was a flower girl for our good friends, Masaki and Grace, as they celebrated their wedding at a spectacular venue overlooking the ocean. Mercy was pretty as a princess in her fancy dress, and her daddy choked back tears more than once as he watched her hoist up her fluffy tulle gown as she headed up and down the many paths and stairways. She performed her task beautifully, and even managed to sit through the entire wedding ceremony (thank you Sarah and Lauren).

She was not one of those shy flower girls who hesitates to actually drop any flowers–oh no, she was dutiful in making sure that every last petal found a home on the ground. Those of you who know her will not find that in any way surprising.

One of my favorite moments of the day took place after the wedding. The bride and the groom were seated in the ballroom posing for a photo right before lunch, and we were the last guests to move into the dining area. As they finished with their photo and stood up to make their entrance at the meal, Mercy dutifully spread flower petals all over the dance floor that they had to cross. I don’t think the wedding coordinator necessarily found it charming, but it was sweet to see Mercy absorb the spirit of her job and improvise in the moment.

Oh, and her bangs looked darling!

P.S. The photos are SO cute that they almost make me violate my “no kids on the blog” policy 🙂

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