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Christianity is not a belief system…Your core values tell me nothing…

If you found a religion on beliefs, how you think, very shortly the people who will be in that religion will live and act no differently than anybody else in the culture. And that is exactly where we are today…

Religion is a relationship system. It is not a belief system. That is the essence of the Judeo Christian tradition…Jesus did not die on the cross to give us a set of beliefs. He died to restore us to a right relationship.

Len Sweet, guest on The Kindlings Muse with Dick Staub

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  1. Sometimes we think that calling Christianity a relationship rather than a religion makes it more attractive. I am not so sure. It is perhaps why Islam is becoming so attractive to some with its five pillars of practice. It is doable and is not so interminably self-searching. The relational component of Christ-following is intimidating and makes it personal in a way that bends some out of shape. A lot of people don’t do relationships – this is a point of failure and disappointment. I think we underestimate this in communicating Christ. When the psalmist says search me and know me that doesn’t sound like good news to a lot of people who have been violated and left with brokenness. While it may be intellectually clear that God is not like that, the demands for self-disclosure and vulnerability to another’s presence is not a “gimme.” It’s the one thing some people don’t do, don’t want to do and have long ago lost the skills to do. To them Christianity can seem excessively hard and hurtful at the very point where they have experienced so much disappointment. What to do about that is another subject.

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