Our newest neighbor

This past week, we noticed a busy little hummingbird outside of the kids’ room windows. The hummingbirds usually buzz around the palm trees, but this one seemed intent on visiting the strand of porch lights. At some point, we realized he/she was building a nest, and we decided that his/her name was Sam. I just dumped photos off of the digital camera this morning and found this one that Doug took the other night when he was out there:


I don’t know what it is, but having Sam move in has touched me with a little sense of peace and even joy. And though Sam is a hummingbird, every time I see him I recall the words of a song we used to sing at Irvington Covenant: “His eye is on the sparrow, and I know he watches me…”


  1. No way, Erika! This is a dream come true — those little hummingbirds are the greatest. They consume about 25x their weight in food each day! Only live a couple of years — their little hearts pound at electric paces.

    My students are still talking about you and you have showed up in about 33% of the final papers!

  2. Scot and Kris,

    How sweet to get two McKnight responses 🙂 Doug is such a bird lover too–you can bet that he was excited about our new little friend!

    Scot, that’s great about the students. It was great fun to be out there with you all!

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