Is there a doctor in the house?

So Aaron decided that he was not to be outdone by his sister on this trip. This afternoon he stuck his fingers into a wall heater in the basement of my parent’s house. At the advice of our pediatrician in Pasadena, we took him to get checked out by a doctor.

My mom got us an appointment at the same pediatric group where I went as a child. It felt so strange to park the car, walk up to the door, and sign in as the mom of a little one. It honestly felt like not so long ago that I sat as an adolescent in the very same lobby.

It turns out that the burns are not third degree, so unless they split open in the next 24 hours we should get by without being forced to bandage his little hand. This trip has certainly been a vacation to remember.

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  1. Wow. How time flies. Just a short time ago, it seems, our Tiffany was 11 or 12. Now she’s 18, not far from 19. It really doesn’t seem like that amount of time has elapsed. I hear you, in your thought there. Good to hear your Aaron should be okay. Will pray for him.

  2. Thanks, Ted. We had Aaron back in today to check it out again–we now have some prescription cream to put on his little hands which he promptly sucks on every time we apply it.

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