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Last night Doug and I took advantage of the gift of Grandparents and had our very first date night of this trip (Doug says our foray into Tillamook nightlife at the Shiloh Inn bar after a late-night Fred Meyer run counts as well–I’m not sure). We first headed to Hales Brewery in Ballard for the live taping of The Kindlings Muse. It was great to see Dick, the show’s host and Mercy’s godfather, and we especially enjoyed hearing some of the things Len Sweet, one of the show’s guests, had to say. Oh, and the beer was awesome. It is good to be in the Northwest.

I was just at the point of feeling like a carefree girl on a date with the boy she thinks is cute and not a worn out mother of two little ones (who have just returned to sleeping through the night after four weeks of refusing to do so), when I opened up my purse to put on some lipstick. There on the top of my wallet and cell phone was the ziploc bag of Wheat Thins used to reward my daughter for using the toilet. At that moment, all my illusions of being anything other than what I am were shattered.

And really, I’m okay with that.

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  1. Amen, sister. I think my husband and I have been on a total of 3 dates since the baby was born. We are hoping to get at least one more date in before the new year. 🙂

  2. You guys are so ahead of us. I think we had three dates in two years, since TWO babies have been born. We are certainly not the party people you once knew 🙂

  3. Your comments remind me of the quote, “A good mother is a mother forever.” My wife’s love for my boys (now men, ages 25 and 22)raises up my romantic scale off the charts. I can never repay what she has done for my sons. The two most important men in my life love the woman I love!! There is something about a mother in love with her children that gets to me.

  4. A few thoughts…
    A. You own a purse
    2. You own lipstick
    3. You remember how to apply lipstick
    c. You did not find a soiled diaper you forgot to throw out

  5. Time goes on, Erika. Nice you folks had such a good time, though. I think one of the things I would do differently, with Deb, my wife (and so, we’re working on this now) is to do more fun things together. So easy to get caught up in the normalities and pressures of life, so as to let special times like that not occur, it seems.

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